The Bible Reading Plan

by Chris Morgan

One of the regular questions I get asked in my role, and I know it is the same for other members of staff, is “Have you got any advice on how to get into a good rhythm with reading the Bible?”

Out of this we’ve spent some time thinking about how we could help this and what to do in response.

We will have bible readings every weekday, both Old and New Testament, which will be accompanied by a weekly blog post helping and guiding us in some key areas that come up through the reading with additional blog posts at the beginning of each new book to help with identifying where it fits into the broader narrative of scripture.

One of our hopes is that as a broad church community, youth, residents & students we are able to have accountability and therefore create perseverance in reading God’s Word. It’s not supposed to take you away from your regular diet of reading if you have a rhythm that is working for you at the moment but to aid those who don’t have that routine.

Each month we’ll publish the readings for coming month, both here on the website and a paper copy at church on Sundays.

Come and join us in this journey as we seek to get to know God better through his Word.