Week 10: God of Justice

by Sophie Bolton

I’ll be honest with you, when I first read through the chapters for this week’s bible passages, I felt a bit overwhelmed. They just seemed so full of rams’ horns, dragons and beasts that I struggled to see God through the confusing imagery. When I read through the chapters again, however, I tried to find answers to the question: ‘what does this passage tell me about God?’.  Through this process, I found that my eyes were opened to the goodness of God’s character, amongst the rams horns, dragons and beasts which feature in these chapters.

So here are a few of my reflections and answers to the question ‘what does this tell me about God?’ which I hope will help you in your reading as well:

God is true to His promises

In Daniel 8, God assures Daniel that one day he will be victorious over the powers of evil. Even though the reign of the wicked is long and they seem to be strong, God is stronger and we have a hope that he will conquer over all the brokenness we see in the world.

God is powerful over death

In Daniel 12, we read of the hope-filled prophecy of the bodily resurrection. There is a day coming when death will be defeated and everyone whose name is in the book of life will rise to eternal life. Therefore, we should live our daily lives in the hope of this eternal life which is to come.

God cares deeply about sin

At the beginning of Revelation 8, there is an almighty silence before God’s judgment on the earth. In a book so full of action and vibrant scenes, this silence is a timely reminder of the need to be still, in awe and reverence before our almighty God. Revelation 8 and 9 are a difficult read, but they ultimately show that God is just and will ultimately deal with the sin we see in the world. This is both an encouragement as we struggle with the brokenness we see in our world today, but a challenge as well, for us to repent and turn from our sins.

So let me challenge you this week to read these passages with your ear turned to God, and your heart ready to respond to what He says to you through your reading. Here are some questions for you to ask yourself as you read:

  • How can we live our lives in the hope of eternal life we have because of Jesus?
  • Do you need to hear the challenge of just being still in God’s presence and being in awe of Him?
  • God cares deeply about sin, and so should we. Do you skip over sin and turn straight to grace? Is there a particular sin in your life which you need to repent of and turn back to God?