Week 30: Alive in Christ

by Chrissie Law

This is a good week. Jesus has risen, we’ve finished Leviticus and [SPOILER ALERT] there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Happy times.

Having said that, this week is not all soft and fluffy. We’re just starting a few weeks with Psalms as our Old Testament reading, and some of the Psalms this week speak from dark places. They reveal to us not only truths of God, but also truths of human experience.

There is an instant challenge today as the Psalmist despairs about those who ‘flatter with their lips but harbour deception in their hearts’. Hypocrisy is something we can all easily agree we find frustrating, but it’s infamously harder to see in ourselves!

We’re also reaching the theological peak of Romans this week. It’s thought provoking having just finished Leviticus to read what Paul has to say about the law. We are those who have died to sin, and are made alive in Christ – what does this mean for the law? Paul is clear: in Christ, we are released from the binding covenant of the law. But, when we understand the purpose of the law and our own sinful nature – we understand all the more the freedom we have been given. We might’ve reached the end of Leviticus, but one of Paul’s points here is that the law does not bind us, but it still has value. It reveals our sin to us, and it reveals our dependence on God.

Even so, the victory is won: nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Jesus Christ our Lord!

  • Are there ways you are flattering with your lips but harbouring deception in your heart? How does your inner life match up with your outer life?
  • Choosing to trust in God’s unfailing love (Psalm 13.5), can lead our hearts to more readily rejoice in our salvation. How can this apply to you this week? Let’s rejoice in our salvation!
  • Read Romans 7.19 aloud getting faster and faster each time until you fall over. Just kidding.
  • Have you experienced times of perseverance which have enriched your character and ultimately given you hope?