Week 44: God’s Story

by Sophie Bolton

This week’s readings span the whole timescale of God’s story. We start reading the first chapter of Genesis, telling the story of God creating a perfect world. We also read from Isaiah, where God’s heart is at breaking point, His people have turned from Him and the exile is immanent. In Hebrews, we read of Jesus, the High Priest of the New Covenant, God’s rescue plan for all of creation.

As I read through the passages this week, I was really struck by God’s enduring heart for his people. Our God is a God of love and this is so evident in His story of redemption for the world. In the passages in Isaiah, God’s people are still stubbornly turning from Him and towards other nations and idols. God both passes His judgment on them, but also, in the next section of Isaiah, God speaks of a future hope where the Messiah will come and restore Israel to how God intended it to be.

This week, we also jump right back to the beginning of Genesis. Reading this account of creation in contrast to the passages we’ve just read in Isaiah highlighted to me how God made a perfect creation, which was soon to be broken by humanity turning from Him. God delighted in the world He made, He declared it good, but in a very short amount of time, humanity had chosen to turn their backs and go their own way which caused the world to be broken and in desperate need of a Saviour.

And it is in this light, in which we fast forward to Jesus, portrayed as the High Priest in Hebrews. The whole of God’s story points towards the Messiah who will make a new covenant with God’s people and enable us to come boldly to the throne of the Father.

As you read this week, I hope you enjoy this zoomed out overview of our loving God’s story of creation through to the hope of the new creation.

Some questions to help you as you read:

1. In Isaiah 39, Hezekiah is taken in by the Babylonians and is eager to show them all his treasures. Ask the Lord to show you where you may in be in danger of being taken in by wealth or other idols.

2. As you read Genesis 1, ask yourself what we can learn of God’s character in this beautiful account of the creation of the world.

3. Hebrews 10 speaks of this confidence we should now have in entering the throne room of God, because of Jesus’ blood. Ask God to help you feel the full assurance and confidence that the writer to the Hebrews urges us to have.