Week 60: Firmly Fixed Eyes

by Chris Rousell

This week’s scriptures take us on a bit of a rollercoaster. We come to the end of John’s Gospel, in which we find Peter’s reconciliation with Jesus. After denying him three times, Peter meets Jesus on the beach and affirms him three times- an interesting aside, just as Peter denies Jesus by a charcoal fire, he also affirms Jesus by a charcoal fire. And in this great moment of reconciliation, we see the hope we have of being reconciled to Jesus, no matter how many times we turn from him.

We start the book of Revelation which begins with messages to seven ancient churches, spelling out encouragement and rebuke in equal measure. Meanwhile, this week’s section of 1 Kings sees a failed coup, David pass away, and Solomon is crowned king and bestowed with wealth and wisdom.

There is much this week that exhorts us to keep our eyes fixed on God. Wandered from God? Turn to Him for reconciliation (Jn 21). Feeling tempted by things of the world? Ask God for wisdom (1 Kgs 3). Delighting in God’s presence? Continue worshipping Him (Rev 4).

Regardless of our situation, the thread we see in our reading this week: turn your eyes to the Holy Lamb of God, who was and is and is to come.

Points to ponder:

  • The church in Ephesus is warned they’ve abandoned the love they first had (Rev 2:4). If your relationship with God feels this way, pray for a rekindling of your first love!
  • God knows how the church in Smyrna is suffering. If you are going through trials and tribulations- take heart, God offers a crown of life (Rev 2:10)
  • The church in Laodicea is neither hot nor cold (Rev 3:14), in what ways are you like the church in Laodicea? What is cold in your life that needs fanning into flame?