Jungle Adventure Holiday Club

by Fay Brice

This year our annual holiday club for children took on the theme of a Jungle Adventure. We decked out Laurel Avenue School with leaves, trees and jungle animals ready to invite our Bubbly Bears, Laughing Lions, Marvellous Monkeys, Terrific Tigers and Elegant Elephants to join the adventure. During the week we looked at some key stories from across the Bible, starting with creation and ending with Saul’s conversion to help give the children an idea of the breadth of God’s work in the world and his love for them.

Over the week we saw a total of 33 children coming along, including a couple of young people who helped out with tech and had their own group. It was fantastic to welcome lots of children from the local area as well as families from Kings who live in different parts of the city bringing their children across to Sherburn Road each day to be part of the club together. We had a fantastic team of creative and committed people from Kings who gave themselves fully to taking on the parts of pirates and explorers and even a chicken! Katie Smith and Abi Northover did a fantastic job of writing the theme, drama and Bible resources from scratch this year and we found that this was a real success in making it such a fun and impactful week. We’re also grateful to Chris Juby for writing a very catchy theme song!

Each day there was plenty of fun, action and learning through our drama, singing, stories, craft, games and group times looking at the Bible and praying together. Here are some quotes from the children:

‘My favourite thing at holiday club was the activities and songs. At holiday club I have learnt that God saves people’s lives if they believe in him’ (Annie, aged 8)

‘I like singing, dancing, snack, art, drama, group time and the Jungle Adventure song. I have learned that exploring God is the right thing’ (Joanna, aged 9)

‘I enjoyed when we made candles and snakes and I always enjoyed snack time. At holiday club I’ve learned some new Bible stories’ (JJ, aged 7)

‘My favourite thing at holiday club was when the man fell in the puddle. I have learned that God loves us all the time’ (Daisy-Leigh, aged 6)

‘I have learned about the story of King Nebuchadnezzar. My favourite thing is the drama because it is funny’ (Amelia, aged 7)

We’ve been really encouraged to see many of the children growing in their relationship with God over the week as they discovered new parts of the Bible, understood truths about God or took opportunities to pray. During one the prayer activities one child spontaneously prayed “thank you God that Jesus died for me” and expressed his hope that he will be in heaven.

We’re already looking forward to next year. If you’re reading this and have or know children aged 4-11 years remember Holiday Club always takes place in the first full week of August. So save the date for next year 6-12 August 2018 and come and join our next adventure!