Dreaming Up New Ideas for Mission

by Becca Hicks

If you were to pitch your best idea for sharing God’s love with people in Durham, what would it be? What need in our city has God put on your heart? Last week at Student Getaway we gave our students the opportunity to explore just this in our “Dragon’s Den: Mission Special” seminar.

Split into four groups, they were given the task of coming up with creative ideas for how our student community could reach out to local residents or other students in Durham, then choosing one to ‘pitch’ to the rest of Student Getaway, who voted on their favourite! Ideas included extending June Project to Queen’s Campus, bridging the gap and reaching out to students in Stockton before they move to Durham, a pop-up Graduation Dinner which students would host for their parents, thanking them for their support during their degree, and DIY/Bike Maintenance and Literacy Skills workshops, creating mutually supportive communities of students and residents sharing skills and experience. It was exciting to hear the various ideas and to see the heart for our city that God is giving some of our students.

The contribution, ideas, energy and vision of our church community is vital to our mission as a church, as we seek to join in with what God is doing in our city. As we start planning for June Project 2018 (11-17 June), now is the time we would love to hear from you!