Free Hot Drinks Guys

by Harry Jennings

Every night this Freshers’ Week, we have been able to send out a team to bless the city of Durham with many hot drinks, absolutely terrible banter and evidence of God’s love for all. The vast majority of the people who have walked past have been Freshers, meaning that on their first nights out in Durham, they can see a church who genuinely want to spread love throughout the city. It has been quite busy so far (over 1500 hot drinks in 5 days), yet the busyness has not detracted from the reason why we have been out this week. There have been many amazing chats throughout the week, which are full of encouragement but still in need of continued prayer.

We met several people over different nights.  Some came by who had been raised Catholic and although had not regarded faith as an important priority in their first year, they chatted about the struggles they have with churches, alongside varying views on the Bible. The conversation ended with them saying they would both come to church on Sunday, and be bringing a friend!  Another person stopped by, who had first came to After Hours two years ago where they had quite aggressively voiced their opposition to church.  They now live close to the Appleby Rooms, and were much happier to chat to us this week!  Another stopped with us last night who didn’t know much about church things, but shared that they were unable to sleep. A member of our team was able to pray for them, share Jesus’ love, and give a copy of John’s gospel.

These are just a few amazing stories of what God has done this week, which is incredible!

Not everything has been as exciting this week, but there have been instances where it has been good that we have been out. The right people have been out to support some of the Freps who have struggled on many occasions with the difficulties of the week. The support to the University security and the Ambulance staff who came past was good to give them something that gives their night something bright where otherwise it would be difficult.

God is good and faithful. Please pray that those who showed an interest in church would be able to come in the coming weeks, and that all we encounter would question more about God’s love for them.