I’m Only Human After All

by Chris Rousell

Last week was a change of scenery and pace for me as I found myself seconded to the Christian Union in order to help out with their big week of mission, called Human.

God did some amazing things in the run up to, during, and no doubt will do post this week- it is great that we’re able to welcome new brothers and sisters in Christ off the back of Human.

There’s a bit in Ephesians 3 where Paul says that being a servant of the gospel, being able to share the good news is a gift to him. It pains me to say it but this is often not the experience I have of doing evangelism. Oftentimes I find our weekly outreach slots to feel a lot like a chore rather than a gift. To feel a lot like something to work through rather than something to be embraced.

Human reminded me of the gift that it is to share the gospel and be a servant to it. Not because of all the bells and whistles that go with running an event of the magnitude of Human, but because of the good news itself. I found myself on the streets of Durham (as I oft am) absolutely buzzing with the prospect of sharing the good news with people. Handing out coffee was no longer a task but a genuine privilege- how amazing is it that God can use such a simple act to steer a conversation towards Jesus and his love for us?

Because, for all the paraphernalia and glamour attached to the Christian Union events week (which would be so much poorer without it), when you strip it all away, the message is still the same- you have a God in heaven who loves you and longs to be in a relationship with you. What a gift it is to be a servant of such a glorious message.

Photo Credit: MLD Photography