Drawing to a Close

by Katie Allen

As the Internship draws to a close I have been reflecting on the things God has taught me this year. In some respects, this year has been a bit different to what I expected. But what has been true is that God has been with me every step of the way; He has been ‘my hiding place and my shield’ (Psalm 119:114).

As was pointed out to me recently, if the Lord is our hiding place we must be hiding from something; the shield metaphor demonstrates that we are being oppressed, things are turbulent. In Psalm 23, it is when in the ‘shadow of the valley of death’ that the Psalmist is comforted by the presence of the Good Shepherd’s staff by his side. When life is difficult, the Lord’s presence remains a place of safety for us. This year has been full of ups and downs, and yet through it all, the Lord has been that ever-steady presence and comfort.

I have also been struck this year by God’s transformative power. He specialises in taking discarded, broken, people and relationships, and flipping them upside down and inside out into beautiful works of art – beautiful because they are covered in His glorious handprints. I have realised that no bad situation is beyond God’s redemptive power.

As you look back over the year, can you trace God’s presence and his transformative power? If not, keep asking Him to do that work in your life. The Lord does transform us according to His good purposes, and for Him nothing is impossible.

Anyway, thanks for having us as Interns. We are so grateful for the love we have been shown by our church family this year. Thanks to everyone who has nurtured us, taught us, prayed for us, spoken the truth in love to us, and given of themselves to us. We hope we have loved you too in some way, even if it was just by stacking the chair you sat on!