Healings, Miracles and Salvations! Summer Project 2018

by Justin Lau

What a week. Us Interns went down to London from 1–8 July to participate in Summer Project, a week of mission and evangelism run by Ichthus Christian Fellowship (Kings is part of the Ichthus Link church network). We saw God work mightily in and through us. Here is just one of many powerful testimonies—may it encourage and bless you!

My team of 11 members were tasked on the first day to write a prophetic song to sing over the tower blocks in Forest Hill. We first spent 10 minutes on our own asking the Lord for prophetic lyrics. Then 5 of us collated the lyrics and wrote a song in an hour entitled ‘God’s Love Is’… and it’s actually really good! Thank God for His Spirit of unity and truth.

We visited three tower blocks over the week. At each, we took the lift up to the top storey (10th), knocked on the doors of the four flats and sang our song, hoping that people would come out to talk to us and find out what was going on. Then we’d go down a storey (9th) and sing it again. Then the 8th, 7th, so on. By the end of the week, we’d sung it a total of 36 times! (Not to mention my fingers were smarting playing the guitar.)

Not everyone opened the doors, but a few did; there was at least one person who was visibly moved to tears in each tower block whom we got to pray for. One of these was a man from Morocco, and we got to share with him that this was Holy Spirit touching his life.

Fast forward to the fun day we hosted at the end of the week where this same Moroccan showed up. He then shared this amazing story of what had actually happened: ‘I heard the knock on my door but I had no intention of opening it. But then I heard the music… and it was in my own language! I thought to myself, Who is that?! I know of no one around here who comes from my country. I knew then that this was a miracle!’ (And keep in mind, we were singing in English!)

How amazing that we worship a God who sees, knows and cares about each individual, communicating directly to his heart!

God’s Love Is

The Lord is hope
The Lord is peace
The Lord is joy for those in need

Higher than the highest tower
Taller than the tallest hill
God’s love is, God’s love is

Beauty for the brokenness
Praise instead of heaviness
God’s love is, God’s love is

And you will rise
And you will grow
And you will bloom, so let’s rejoice

He’s a Father who knows your needs
He sees you and never leaves

Peace and lightness to the dark
Abide in Jesus, in His love
He loves you, He loves you