The Internship has started!

by OnYing Chan

The Internship has started! Nine out of ten of us arrived last Tuesday, and the first week has been full of colour coded timetables and good food.  We are all super grateful to Tina and her team who have been making us lunch for the past week and massive thanks to the residents who have provided us with dessert too.  I have a feeling that now we have to sort out packed lunches ourselves, our taste buds are going to have to go through an adjustment, although perhaps I’m only speaking for myself.  

Adjusting seems to be the focus of things lately though.  We are kicking off induction month by getting to be familiar with our new timetables, new team, and new surroundings (for those who have just arrived in Durham for the first time.)  The new-ness of everything is both nerve-racking and exciting.  Even as someone who spent the last three years in Durham, I’m feeling a little daunted at the shift away from the familiarity of student life in this town.  We started off our first day talking about things we were excited and nervous for – ranked most common among us all for what we were looking forward to was growing in faith, tied with forming and deepening relationships. For what we were nervous about, mission trips, 1-2-1s, and remembering that we weren’t students anymore, were the three most common apprehensions.  It’s nice to know that we are all a bit anxious about things together and that even if we are feeling kind of caught in the headlights right now, we’re a whole herd of deer.  (Arguably not the most eloquent choice of metaphor.)  

But it’s also been helpful to be reminded that God’s power is made perfect in weakness; that dependency on His strength and His source rather than our own (which inevitably runs out) is what will help us through not just this week, but the entire year ahead.  I think I found studying how the disciples struggled to understand things fully too and were ultimately aided by the Holy Spirit to be particularly comforting and motivating.  Mark Bonnington’s two hour session on the History of Durham that quite literally stretched from 1AD to present day was both humbling and awesome to remember that we are a part of something much bigger. Overall, I think it’s safe to say that it’s been a busy week and quite full on, but one that we’ve all enjoyed and has got us feeling pumped for the coming year.  Enthusiasm is running high, and hopefully with a lot of early nights and said with a healthy dose of beginner’s optimism, that’ll last throughout the year!