A Week in the Life…

by Ant Weedon

I am aware that while we Interns turn up in many different areas of the church’s ministry, what we actually do all week may remain a mystery to many (though obviously not for the heavenly host of Externs making up seemingly 25% of the congregation!). We all have different activities that we are more suited for or that will challenge us, but here is a flavour of my week!

All the Staff and Interns get Monday mornings off, to replace some of the time spent working on a Sunday, and then in the afternoon I plan the Sunday Supper menu for the following week, have a bit of general time for admin, and then I help with the Achor Kids Group up on the Sherburn Road estate. Tuesdays we have an hour for a pastoral catch-up with Becca or Stephen first thing, followed by teaching all together as Interns until lunchtime. In the afternoon I have a shift serving at Appleby Cafe.

Wednesdays are my favourite day of the week; the morning is spent at my external placement at Handcrafted, a local charity helping mostly disadvantaged men through the mediums of woodworking and community, which I really enjoy. I am a fairly practical person, and so on a Wednesday afternoon I have a slot for repairing things and being useful – this week I mended the lighting in one of our meeting rooms. I also co-lead a student cell group on a Wednesday evening, which is really fun.

Thursdays we have a devotional time with all the Staff, followed by study time at the office over lunchtime to work on our assignments, and then outreach in Durham. For outreach, we rotate between garden befriending on the Sherburn Road estate, singing to the residents at Lindisfarne Care Home in Newton Hall and street evangelism in the town centre; this week we had our first visit to the care home! Then on a Thursday evening I attend one of the resident cell groups. Fridays are a little quieter, with teaching together in the morning, and then I have the whole afternoon free for general admin or meeting up with students.

Sundays are one of the busiest days for us, as we’re on numerous different rotas and roles at church, but I shan’t go into detail – we wear blue polo shirts, so we’re easy to spot!

I hope this has given you a better idea of what we do all week (and more explanation for why we might be a bit tired by the end of Sunday evenings!).