Jesus – Trick or Treat?

by Daniel Wright

Three things to talk about this week.

Firstly, last week was Study Week, which meant we got a break from some of our usual placements to, well, theoretically study, in practice sit in the Bunyan room and distract one another. We’ve been working on a book review for Mark Bonnington – at least, those of us who didn’t leave last week’s assignment to the last minute were – and it seems like most people have picked up Tom Wright’s Surprised by Hope (off a list of a dozen or so worthy contenders).

Secondly, outreach. On Thursday afternoon, we went out into the city centre with some question boards (see picture!) to ask people, “What are good and evil?” and “Jesus – trick or treat?” That first one may have been a bit heavy for people coming home from work, but we still managed to get quite a few good conversations going, and dished out a few event invites.

Thirdly, we had the first round of weekends off this week, with me and Jake being able to leave Durham for a couple of days. I went to Nottinghamshire and visited Sutton Bonington Baptist Church, which I went to as a child, and spent a few minutes talking to them about what I’ve been up to in Durham. It was a real blessing to be able to share with a wider community of believers and to pray with them.

Please pray:

  1. For physical healing for those of us being held back by coughs and colds.
  2. For people we spoke to in outreach on Friday, for God to be working in them.
  3. For us as we prepare for the “Forgiven & Forgotten?” Guest Service in the evening of Sunday 11th November, that we’d be able to prepare a really great occasion for bringing new people to church.