Knowing God, Knowing Ourselves

by OnYing Chan

It’s somewhat slightly, maybe, just a tiny bit terrifying me that time is passing so quickly in the Internship.  It’s the 20th November today, and it feels like just the other day that my house was discussing whether or not we’d have to buy sweets for trick or treaters since we now lived on a resident street.  Come this week though, I’ve had discussions about the John Lewis 2018 Christmas advert, how we all felt about it, and could Sainsbury get a shout-out this year! (S-oh good.)  Time markers have popped up in more ways than one though, and last Sunday was the official intro and opening to next year’s Internship applications.  (I hear you.  Will this be a secret plug?!  Nah, who are we kidding.  Nobody can compete with that Sainsbury’s plug.)  But hearing about the application process makes me think about when I was filling mine in around April earlier this year, and naturally, it makes me reflect on how I felt then, and how I feel now halfway through first term.  

I think one of the things that made me apply to do the Internship was wanting to know God better, learn more about Him and deepen my faith that way.  It wasn’t the only reason, but it certainly was (and still is) a large and genuine factor, however cliche it sounds.  Pretty much as expected, the Internship gives me a really great opportunity to do this, particularly through the teaching it offers, the conversations I have and just what’s in my schedule practically; plus the space and time I have to think about these things.  

In the last couple of months though, I think I’ve also come to continually learn and be surprised by how knowing God more deeply leads us to knowing ourselves better too.  Luke 5 talks about how Peter’s recognition of God automatically leads to a recognition of himself, and I’m reminded of how you can’t have the former without the latter.  It’s something that’s both within community (since we are all in Christ together), but also personal – and I think the focus given to us on the latter, is an element of the Internship that’s surprised me.  There’s a lot of time and teaching dedicated towards helping us understand ourselves, how God has made each one of us individually – and how we are best tailored and equipped to serve God in light of that.  A couple of weeks ago, we did the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.  Lately, we’ve been finding out more about what spiritual gifts we have and how to understand and exercise them better.  It’s really cool, challenging, and humbling to learn more about not just God, but who we are in Him as well – including how we individually best serve Him, in the ways He made us.  If you’d like to pray for us as Interns, please pray that we’d continually be open to knowing ourselves in Christ more deeply; that we’d have boldness and courage in exercising the gifts and opportunities given to us; and that we’d encourage, support and ultimately bless each other well as we go and do these things.  Whatever way we best serve God and love others, it’s always a collective purpose for his Kingdom. 

Bring on the next 80+ question questionnaire! (Kind of.)