Dear Durham…

by Jake McCobb

Thank you for arms wide open, embracing us as we begun a year of challenge, of growth, of silly mistakes, of sentences that probably came out wrong, of learning to see the world through the eyes of Christ.

We’re sorry if the food was too well done, or maybe undercooked; if the tea or coffee wasn’t quite strong enough, or maybe just too strong; if our theology was a little bit wrong, if we stuttered a little when reading, if we interrupted you whilst you were talking, if we forgot to wear our blue polos on Sunday morning.

We pray that as this cold, cosy Christmas quickly approaches you will be blessed by the embrace of loved ones, the deliciously large meals, many tempting chocolates, the warmth of a nice hot water bottle, but most importantly, the overwhelming love of the saviour whose birth we endeavour to celebrate not just now, but till kingdom come.

With Love,
– The Interns