How to see God in a snowy Durham

by Maria Söderberg

I don’t think it has escaped any Durham resident’s notice that Durham received a whole bunch of snow this weekend (mostly because the roads were practically jammed till lunchtime), and some of us Interns certainly made the most of it and sledged away on the nearest hills. Coming from a land “far north”, snow is very much a part of my childhood and I always feel really happy and grateful when that white bliss starts falling from heaven.

As I stopped to admire the beauty that snow brings to a sleepy city, I also turned my attention to God. For me, nature is a place where I find I can hear God’s truths clearly and where my heart is much closer to being turned towards heaven. In creation, I can see my own thoughts and feelings portrayed and it helps me process things. Here’s my reflection on what the snow can teach me about God:

The quietness of the snow reminds me to listen to God in the midst of a busy life – to return to the quiet place where everything else grows strangely dim in favour of focusing my whole attention on Him. The cover of snow that falls from heaven and covers every surface it can reach reminds me of the grace of God who covers all our sins without discrimination – it’s not our own righteousness but His. The traffic jam reminds me that we’re actually not independent, not from God nor from one another – we are highly vulnerable people in need of community, and we are in the mercy of the weather without any sort of godly control. Lastly, the joy and playfulness that snow brings out (at least in me) reminds me of the joyful God who took great joy in creating all the beauty and fun this world has to offer – “and He saw that it was good”.

This is small glimpse of what God can speak to us if we lift up our eyes and spike up our ears a normal sleepy morning on the way to our daily activities. Let this be a reminder for you to take in all that God has revealed through His creation, and pray to Him that already knows what’s on your heart.