The Story of our week

by Daniel Wright

If you ask me what I actually do with all my time when I’m not at church, I’m likely to give you a vague answer about ‘serving’ or name one or two specific activities which can’t possibly take all week. So, here’s a more comprehensive list of things I’ve done in the last 168 hours before writing this:

  • Edited sermons and uploaded them to the church website
  • Had a catch-up meeting with the other Interns
  • Attended a three hour class on sexual ethics (part of our Intern training programme)
  • Worked on an IT project so that church staff can get hold of uni dates more easily
  • Helped lead a table at an Alpha Course and answered some tricky questions about other religions
  • Got out a whole load of toys for Pipsqueaks and played with some of the toddlers
  • Taught English to migrants in Sunderland
  • Went to a weekly cell group meeting
  • Attended team meeting (staff and Interns)
  • Did street outreach with the other Interns (pictured – and see below!)
  • Met up one-to-one with a student to pray and read the Bible together
  • Read commentaries on Genesis 41 and Daniel 2 for an assignment on the Old Testament
  • Tried to organise a discipleship meeting with two other Interns (we would normally manage it too!)
  • Read a 40-page text about spiritual gifts in the New Testament
  • Spent two hours making paninis for Appleby Café
  • Got out hundreds of chairs and set up band equipment for morning and evening services
  • Accessioned a book to the church library

In between these things, you’ll be glad to know I found time for eating, sleeping, washing, etc!

There are two main things for your prayers at the moment: evangelism last week, and evangelism this week.

Last week, as I mentioned, we all did street evangelism together. This involved singing songs, Maria introducing us, Ant and Henry giving testimonies, and Katie doing a spot of preaching, and then people hanging out and chatting to people who stopped. Henry had a good chat with a college friend. Abi also had a conversation with a gentleman who was very interested in the historical evidence about Jesus. So, pray for all the seeds we’ve planted, knowingly or not, that they’ll grow in ways we can’t imagine!

This week is CU events week, Story! We’ve all been praying for this and several are involved. Abi and Maria are both CU Guests – based in colleges and working full time with the CUs. Most of us are involved with practical support on at least one event. Moreover, we’ve got our guest service, Try Church, coming up this Sunday evening. So pray for boldness for our students to invite people, for us as we support them, and for God to be moving all week.