Outreach with the Interns

by Ant Weedon

As Interns, we spend time every week doing outreach to share God’s love with people, and to try and share the Good News with them. We run on a roughly 3 week cycle between singing at Lindisfarne Care Home, helping manage gardens and befriend folks on the Sherburn Road estates, and street outreach in town. 

I’ve been involved with garden projects for a few years through Kings, but I have really enjoyed going back and visiting the same garden more regularly, and getting to know the residents there. It was always a frustration for me that previous garden projects were infrequent, and so any progress made was lost by the next visit, so seeing our gradual improvements at the same garden is satisfying – we just hope and pray that our labours are seen seen as the expression of God’s love that they are to the people on the estate.

This week’s outreach is into town; for the first time we are going to attempt a drama to “Everything” by Lifehouse – look it up on Youtube to see the sketch! A lot of our evangelism involves trying to address the academic side of faith, as in a university town that is a major barrier, but hopefully God will touch people’s emotional sides through the drama.

As the academic term draws to a close, a number of churches in the city have mission weeks, and a number of students from other churches are joining us for our own June Project – let’s be praying that everyone in Durham hears the Gospel, and has the opportunity to respond!