Here is love vast as the ocean

by Katherine Carter

It’s the end of week 3 of the Internship and we have already finished our first mission trip! We have spent the last week down in Cirencester, where we joined in with all that Cirencester Baptist Church do. It was a fully packed week of church-based activities and street outreach, with plenty of fun along the way. 

So, what did we get up to? Well, basically a whole range of things. Within the church itself, we helped with the youth and children’s ministry by being extra hands at the events the church runs. Outside of the building, we did some worship on the streets, some street evangelism and we also helped with the Gloucester Street People Church. There were many great conversations had and we could see that God was at work in the city. 

Alongside God working through us, He also surprised me by working within me too. The leadership team from CBC prayed with each of the Durham team (Interns, Stephen, Abi and Sam S) at the start of the week. I asked for prayer that God’s love would sink deeper into my heart, so that all that I do would be out of his love and strength. There were a couple of points during the week where I felt deeply loved and secure in that too. This was amazing just on its own, but God did even more by showing me the difference security in His love makes when tackling challenging situations that arose during the week. I know that God does and will answer prayers, but, somehow, it still surprises me when he does so.  

There were also several fun moments during the week – do ask us about the gifs that were created if you want to know more… One to mention in particular requires a shout out to Tom Judge for setting us the challenge to learn the books of the Bible song. We were practising it on our way down to Cirencester and it provided great entertainment as we tried to cram the many names into the tune and keep up with the song!  

Overall, we have had a good week, grown as a team and hopefully been a blessing and encouragement to the people of Cirencester. Their cakes are also amazing and we marvelled at quite how many they provided for us in a week – I think the count got to 22 cakes!