Finding Rest

by Katherine Carter

We’re now a good number of weeks into the Internship and things are starting to settle down. This week is a study week, which nicely coincides with the school half term and creates a slightly quieter week. It’s not a week off to do nothing, but a week where we’ve been freed up to be able to get on top of work and catch up where we’ve fallen behind. It’s a week I’ve been anticipating and longing for – mostly for the chance to catch up on some sleep and rest. Now that this week is here, however, I’m realising (and being reminded) that actually rest and sleep are not synonymous.

Rest is something I thought I’d cracked and I probably wouldn’t have survived my degree if I hadn’t rested at least a little bit! But the last few weeks have been showing me that resting looks different in different seasons of life and that when circumstances change, rhythms of rest also need to change.

I remember discussing ways to rest over the summer and learning that God’s rest is more than just doing nothing – in a similar way to God’s peace being more than the absence of war and violence. His rest is more about doing things that are restful and refresh us, which will look different for everyone. So, for me, resting may look like going for a quiet walk in nature or reading a book, but for someone else, resting may be hanging out with friends or playing sport.

The Internship is definitely one of those new seasons and as part of settling into routine, I am slowly learning what rest looks like for me now. I haven’t finished learning yet, but I am starting to prioritise the activities that are restful for me. I’m finding that as I do so, and as I settle into the rest of my placements as well, the workload of the Internship is slowly becoming easier, more sustainable and more manageable than I thought it was a few weeks ago. I still have a long way to go, but God has been good and I am trusting that He will continue to provide throughout the rest of the journey as well.

What does rest look like for you?