The Lord Provides

One of the tasks we’ve been set as Interns recently is to have a go at meditation. Now, when I initially thought of meditation, I didn’t quite understand how that would be useful. My understanding of meditation was that it is an emptying of thoughts, but I learnt that Christian meditation is slightly different. Yes, we do empty our minds of things of this world but we fill it with God and spend time contemplating Him and all that he has done.

There were a couple of suggestions of ways to do this, including meditating on Scripture (more pondering than studying) as well as meditating on creation/nature. It was this second one that I thought I’d have a go at, because I do enjoy a good walk and Durham has some wonderful views. So that’s precisely what I did – I went for a wander around by Old Durham gardens and spent a while taking in all that I could see.

Those gardens are so beautiful! I saw bushes and trees, birds hopping and flying, and I noticed the care someone has taken to look after all that was there. As I considered the scene, I was reminded that God has provided all that those plants, trees and birds need. He cares for each detail and grows each differently. The trees and plants may not look like much now, in the middle of winter, but one day soon they will bloom again and colour will also abound in that place! Such a marvelous place! God, thank you!

His provision for nature reminded me how much he cares for me and provides for me. I remembered that God remembers the sparrows and that I am worth more than many sparrows (Luke 12.6-7), so He will remember me in my need too. Then I thought about the last year and was reminded of how much He has done so, in so many ways, both great and small. And He will continue to do so because He loves me, which has nothing to do with anything I’ve done – it’s purely down to His grace and love and mercy. 

The walk helped to refill my soul and reminded me of all that God has done and will do. It didn’t take long but the benefits of spending time with God far outweigh whatever time I lost from another task. He spoke because there was space for Him to do so. I am not perfect and am just learning to make more time for Him to speak, but I think that walk has shown me that He will honour whatever time we give Him.

Will you join me in making time for God this year?