The Importance of Welcome

I met up for coffee with Dave Johnson, an ex-KCD student, intern and ministry trainee, and we talked about welcome at church and why he chose to come to Kings years ago. Here are his (short) reflections. 

I had a brilliant plan. I would go to this church this week, another the week after, a third the week after that, with different home groups in between Sundays. Then I would choose the church where I could serve and grow most effectively. I didn’t get that far though.

I turned up to Kings on the first Sunday and saw an oddly familiar face. While I was trying to figure out who it was, he recognised me from a seminar we had been to that Easter at a conference. (At that conference he had remembered me from playing frisbee against me in Durham… I’m not good at remembering people!)

He asked me how I was and invited me along to a games night he was hosting for the church that week. I flipping love board games so bit his hand off! I went along, and the following Sunday went back to Kings.

I could make it really simple and say a board game night is what got me going to Kings, but it wasn’t. It got me back through the door a second time, and while I was there again I felt like I was where God wanted me to be, to serve and worship him for the rest of my time in Durham.

Short story even shorter; welcome is important.