June Project Sign-Up

Monday 17 to Sunday 23 June 2019

June Project sign-up is now open!

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What is it?

June Project is Kings’ annual outreach week, bringing together many aspects of the life and mission of the church.

The basic format is simple: we gather each day for worship, testimonies, teaching and encouragement before going out in teams to put what we’ve learned into practise.

Through June Project we’re seeking to transform hearts and lives with the gospel. We love to bless people in practical ways, to speak truth and hope into people’s lives, and to ask God to work in the hearts of every individual in this city. We want to see communities transformed, lives turned around, and the Gospel spreading in the whole of Durham.

Each morning we’ll have worship, teaching and training to equip you for the week of mission. We’ll share testimonies with one another, and ask God to fuel us for each day.

June Project outreach supports and builds on our regular activities throughout the year, as well as exploring new opportunities. We’ll have the usual mix of garden projects, street evangelism, prayer, community service, schools work, prison ministry, outreach to the local estates, coffees at the station and more.

June Project gives us the opportunity to bring our friends, colleagues and neighbours to events, inviting them into community and introducing them to Jesus. We’re exploring a variety of options, including arts events from the Appleby Rooms, evangelistic family events on Sherburn Road, and Fun Days around the city on Saturday. As a full-week delegate, there is the option to get involved with evening events instead of afternoons—but for the majority of delegates, evening events will be optional. The week will end with a Guest Service on Sunday morning.