If you are interested in exploring or re-exploring the Christian faith then the Alpha course is for you!

Alpha is a great chance to investigate more about Jesus and the Christian Faith in a relaxed and friendly environment. It is an opportunity to explore questions such as “Who is Jesus?” and “How can we have faith?” in a relaxed and informal setting.

Every evening we meet together for a delicious free meal, watch a short video and then have a chance to discuss the topic openly and honestly around our tables. There is plenty of time and opportunity to share your opinions, ask questions, and make friends in your group as well!

If the internet is to be believed, you’re going to spend six months of your life sitting at traffic lights. Why not take just a few evenings to really grapple with the big questions of life?’

Student Alpha

We will be starting a Student Alpha course on Tuesday 21st January, at the Appleby Rooms in Durham.

It will run on consecutive Tuesday evenings, meeting for dinner at 6.30pm and finishing at 8.30pm.

If you’ve got a late lecture and the start time is a little early do not let this put you off coming! We’re flexible on starting and will always keep some extra food so you won’t miss out if you’re a little late.

Similarly, if you miss the beginning of the course but are interested in coming, please do! We’re keeping it open to newcomers all term and you would be very welcome to join us.

Resident Alpha

We will be running an Alpha course for non-students at a home in Durham city, beginning on Monday 13th January.

It will run on consecutive Monday evenings for 6 weeks, meeting for dinner at 6.30pm and finishing at 8.30pm.

If you are interested in taking part, please email for more information.