Evening Worship

During University term-time, we have one evening service at 7pm at St Oswald’s Institute. Our evening meetings follow a simple format: opening worship, a talk engaging with Scripture, and more worship and response time.

If you have a testimony to share at Evening Worship, please chat to the meeting leader.

If it’s near the beginning or end of term, you can check the Church Calendar to be sure whether Evening Worship is happening.


You only need to book if you require a Socially Distanced seat on Sundays. Please follow the links below if that is for you. If you don’t need a Socially Distanced seat please just turn up on the day!

COVID Guidance

In light of the current COVID situation we are having the following measures in place:

  • We will allow singing, behind masks.
  • Ask people to wear masks at other times when arriving, leaving, and moving around the building.
  • Allow people to take masks off whilst just sitting down.
  • Allowing people to state if they require social distancing when you book tickets.
  • Encourage the taking of lateral flow tests to give confidence to others coming.

Current Preaching Series

Our current preaching series is on 1 John: True Love – True Confession.

26 September 2021 1 John: True Love – True Confession
3 October 2021 1 John 1.1-10: Walking in the Light
10 October 2021 1 John 2.1-17: Having Christ as Our Advocate
17 October 2021 1 John 2.18-29: Abiding in Jesus
24 October 2021 What Can I Build My Life On? (Guest Service)
31 October 2021 1 John 3.1-10: Being Children of Our Father
7 November 2021 1 John 3.11-24: Living the Commands of God
14 November 2021 1 John 4.1-6: Recognising the Spirit of Truth
21 November 2021 1 John 4.7-21: Knowing True Love
28 November 2021 1 John 5.1-21: Confessing the Truth
5 December 2021 Carol Services