Pipsqueaks during Covid-19

During the time of COVID-19 the Pipsqueaks group will continue to connect with one another through their Pipsqueaks Facebook group. Each week someone from the team will post a craft for families to do at home. 

At the usual Pipsqueaks meeting time, 9.30am on Wednesdays, there will be video posted of someone from the team telling a story and leading some of the usual Pipsqueaks songs. Families can join in with this by watching at home and connecting with one another through the comments section.


For Babies & Preschoolers (and their parents/carers)

On Wednesdays (school term-time), 9.30-11.30am, The Appleby Rooms

Pipsqueaks is a lively, friendly gathering of babies and preschoolers with their parents and carers. We seek to provide a welcoming environment in which the children can play and the adults can share experiences and build community. The morning is full of playtime, story time, singing, craft, and refreshments for kids and adults. There are two large rooms with a huge variety of toys and space to explore and play. Hazel Urwin & Tina Redfern head it up with the help of church volunteers who are happy to play with the children and chat with adults.

We have occasional socials as a group such as the popular annual Pipsqueaks Fireworks and the Pipsqueaks Picnic in June. Families are also invited to attend other seasonal activities of the church’s children’s work such as Christmas and Easter parties and the Light party, which is an alternative to Halloween.

Newcomers are always welcome. Get in contact for more information.