June Project

What is June Project?

June Project is Kings’ annual outreach week, bringing together many aspects of the life and mission of the church. Through June Project we want to see God transforming hearts, lives and communities. We love to bless people in practical ways, to speak truth and hope into people’s lives, and to ask God to work in the hearts of every individual in this city.

June Project outreach supports and builds on our regular activities throughout the year, as well as exploring new opportunities. This year, due to COVID restrictions, we will be focusing on outdoor activities, including garden projects, community service, outreach to the local estates, street evangelism and prayer.

This video from June Project 2018 will give you a flavour of what a ‘normal’ June Project looks like!

How do I get involved?

You can sign up for one or more days here. We’d love it if you are able to sign up for the full week, however if you have school, work or other commitments on some of the days, then please sign up for those you are available for.