School of Theology

School of Theology will be returning in September 2024.

King’s Church Durham has considerable experience of providing high quality church-based theological teaching. Kings is based in the historic University city of Durham famous for its long tradition of theological learning. The School of Theology draws on highly qualified teaching staff for this excellent programme of face to face theological education and training. The aim of the programme is to equip people who through cost or their time availability do not have access to good quality theological education. The School of Theology is suitable for those starting out in theological study, interns, pastoral assistants, volunteers, those considering leadership at any level in the church or others who are simply interested in deepening their own grasp of the Bible, theology and the mission and ministry of the church.


The theological teaching input covers biblical studies, historical theology, and mission and pastoral studies. The 120 hours of teaching time is spread across 40 half-day seminars over 11 months (September – July). The teaching is divided into two strands, so that those who can only commit 20 half-days per year can take the programme over 2 years. Teaching is delivered in a combination of study blocks and monthly teaching days.

Teaching is delivered at undergraduate level and students will need to be comfortable with study at this level in order to benefit fully from the programme. There will be some preparatory reading and the opportunity for students to write formal assignments for assessment to enable them to consolidate and reflect on their learning if they wish. Although the programme is not currently accredited, students who complete assignments will be able to assemble a portfolio of evidence of learning which may be accepted as part of the entry requirements for further theological study.


Strand 1

New Testament (30 hrs) taught by Dr Mark Bonnington, this course provides an overview of New Testament theology covering the Gospels, Paul’s letters, the general letters and Revelation.

Mission Studies (15 hrs): includes theological, historical and practical teaching on engaging with the mission of God.

Pastoral Studies (15 hrs): covers a variety of theological and practical issues including Leadership development, Christian discipleship, pastoral care, ethics and spirituality.

Strand 2

Old Testament and Hermeneutics (30 hrs): this course provides an overview of the Old Testament and an introduction to hermeneutics. 

Historical Theology (30 hrs): includes Church History, Ethics, Worship and major questions of Doctrine down the centuries. 

Following completion of the School of Theology students can participate in the Ministry Training Programme, an 11 month programme of weekly theological seminars aimed at extending student’s theological learning and reflection skills for ministry and preparing them for postgraduate study in theology.


The cost for the programme is £660 per individual (£330 per strand), which covers all course costs and includes light refreshments each teaching day. Teaching takes place at our church office, 15 minutes walk from Durham railway and bus stations.

Applications for 2024/25 will be opening in Spring 2024.