Preaching at Kings

Preaching is practised in nearly all Christian churches. So we thought we’d provide a guide to what to expect at Kings:

We’ll teach you to take all of the Bible seriously

  • By God’s Spirit, God’s Word is a powerful and active force. Therefore we are passionate and deeply committed to faithfully teaching from God’s Word.
  • Because God speaks in Scripture, as part of worship we read from both Old and New Testaments – hearing the Bible read is valuable in itself, not just as a prelude to preaching.
  • Because all of Scripture is the inspired Word of God, we teach all of Scripture. Our teaching systematically covers both Old and New Testaments, in all their variety. In this way we avoid preaching on the preachers’ favourite texts. We also expect to allow God to make us in his image not us make him in ours.

We’ll teach you the ‘Big Picture’ of Scripture

  • This Big Picture stretches from Creation to New Creation, through the Fall, the call of Abraham and Israel to Redemption in Jesus, the life of the Church. We will teach you to grasp the heights and depths of God’s purpose in Christ in the light of this Big Picture.

We’ll teach you the centrality of Jesus

  • As the saying goes: the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. Jesus is the main thing. He is the centre and focus of all God’s purposes and work. We will teach you to see God’s character, his purposes and the centrality of Jesus in the whole of Scripture.

We’ll teach you the glorious simplicity of the Gospel

  • At its heart the Good news of Jesus is that ‘he died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, was buried and rose again on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures’. We will teach you a faith that stands firmly in the orthodox and evangelical stream of Christian believing. This faith goes back to the earliest churches and places Jesus’ atoning death and life-giving resurrection at its heart.
  • We’ll teach you that the Christian life is entirely based on grace, not dependent on who you are, where you come from or what you do. We are not only saved by grace but live by it too. His Spirit empowers us to do his work for his glory.

We’ll teach you how to read the Bible

  • We’ll teach you that God’s word is both a fountain and a well. Its refreshing truth is easily and freely available to all who pay attention. But it also contains depths of truth that we can draw upon with only with diligence and seriousness.
  • Whilst the educated mind is of some value, the converted heart is of much greater value. The aim of preaching is to form us as a community of disciples, hearing and living God’s word. We’ll teach you that understanding is not enough – we strive to become serious and obedient followers of Jesus Christ.
  • We’ll teach you and encourage you to have confidence in the gospel so that you can witness to and proclaim the gospel to others.

We’ll teach you to live as believers in and followers of the Lord Jesus

  • We’ll teach you to love God, to follow Christ and to engage with the life, work and gifts of the Holy Spirit. We’ll teach you to be faithful in your devotional life. We’ll teach you to be a worshipper both with God’s people, on a Sunday but also in living out our faith in everyday life. We’ll teach you to serve both within the church and beyond it. We’ll teach you to value the important place of the local church as the principal place of discipleship and service.
  • We’ll teach you to live for the glory of God in all things.

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