Morning Worship

Our main weekly gathering takes place every Sunday morning, 10.30am-12 noon, at Durham Students Union. We believe in meeting together as a whole community to worship together, hear a talk from the bible, share refreshments, and have an opportunity to pray together.


Our meetings always begin with worship in order to bring our focus towards Jesus our King. We believe in giving space and time to praise God, to celebrate his work in creation, salvation and our future hope, and allowing him to speak to us through the Holy Spirit.

Get involved with our worship team.


Also central to Sunday Mornings is the preaching of Scripture and our normal pattern is to work systematically through a book of the Bible.

See our current preaching series below, or you can listen to recent sermons.


Another important part of our meetings is the opportunity to have fellowship with one another and we encourage everyone to stay for teas and coffees after the meeting.

If you have kids, see our Children section for details of our children’s groups.

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Current Series

The Way of the Kingdom and the Way of the Cross

7 Jan 2018 Now for the Good News
Mark 1
14 Jan 2018 The Radical Jesus
Mark 2.1-12
21 Jan 2018 Jesus’ New Community
Mark 3.1-35
28 Jan 2018 One man went to sow…
Mark 4
4 Feb 2018 Jesus New Mission
Mark 6.6-13
11 Feb 2018 True Purity
Mark 7.1-23
18 Feb 2018 Marriage and Children
Mark 9.33-10.16
25 Feb 2018 Learning from the Fig Tree
Mark 11.12-25
4 Mar 2018 False Christs, True Jesus
Mark 13.5-23
11 Mar 2018 Devotion and Desertion
Mark 14.1-11