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People have very different financial situations and capacities, especially in these times of lockdown and social distancing during the Covid 19 pandemic.  We are really grateful for any financial support you can give us toward our ministry and mission as a church.

If you decide to give financially, there are three ways you can do this:

Give by Text (SMS)

Single gifts can be made via text message.

Text KCD Giving, your first name and the £amount to 07401 342729. We will ring you as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours) to take a card payment over the phone. 

Example: KCD Giving Jack £20 to receive a brief call to give £20.

You can also give to our Coronavirus response by this method:

Example: CV19 Response Diane £15 to receive a brief call to give £15.

Give Regularly by Standing Order

This is our preferred method for regular givers, as regular gifts really help us with financial planning!

You can email to ask Andrew Inyang for our bank details or…

You can text BANK DETAILS to 07401 342729 and we will contact you with these.

Give 25% more by Gift Aid

If you are a taxpayer you can add 25% to the value of your gift. 

Please print and fill in this Gift Aid form and post it to KCD Finance Officer, 30 Fieldhouse Lane, Durham, DH1 4LT. 

This increases the value of any gifts to KCD since April 2008 by 25% of your net gift, provided that you paid tax in the relevant tax year.

Giving to our Covid19 Response

If you wish to give to our  Coronavirus Response Ministry you can give by BACS using CV19 Response as a Reference in your gifts to us.

You can also give to our Coronavirus Response Ministry by the text and a card payment method above.

Whichever way you give we are grateful for your support for the ministry at Kings.