Abiding in Him

It’s been a funny old week!  As the world looks very different and we learn to have fellowship at a distance, I pray that you can find a safe new ‘normal’ for now and that this will be an opportunity for us all to press into God.

As we are all huddled in our homes and keeping our distance, feelings of being alone are never far away.  I’ve been finding comfort in the Psalms and worship songs that draw on the truths of God being our strength, refuge and place of safety.  This song in particular has been helping me lift my eyes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_Spi6YzQ20 I hope you can find it helpful too.  I’ve dedicated the rest of this week’s Internlog to the youngest members of our church community.  Please feel free to use any of the activities I have suggested for them in your own prayer life!

Hey Kids!

I thought I’d include a section especially for you guys this week, I hope you’re all finding ways to have fun and be creative at home.  It’s very normal to feel a bit worried at the moment, as there has been lots of change. God is always there to listen to our worries and we can ask for his help by talking to him in prayer.  We can pray for our friends, our families, our schools, our churches and even everyone in the whole world! I’ve included some suggestions below of things you might like to try 🙂

Prayer activities:

  •  Find a map of the world (you might need to ask a grownup to help you find one) and point to a country.  This can be extra fun if you close your eyes and point, then you don’t know which country you will end up with!  Ask God to be with the people that live there and look after them. You could also draw a picture of each country’s flag every time you do this and hang it on some string, then you can look back and see how many different countries you’ve prayed for!
  • If you’re feeling sad or worried try to draw a picture or write a list of things that you’re sad or worried about then talk to your grown up and ask if they will pray with you about these things.  If you can, imagine giving your picture to God to look after all your worries for you.
  • Find a notebook (or fold some papers together and make one) and write down things that make you feel happy or thankful everyday.  At the end of the day say thank you to God for these things.


  •  Make a rainbow to stick up in your window.  Lots of people are doing this so that when other children go for walks they can count how many rainbows they see.  As Christians we know that the rainbow is a sign of God’s faithfulness and promises so it’s a very special thing to do!
  • Make up a dance to this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCC9fGnHH4I and put on a show for your grownups (or housemates)!

Image © Judith Cooper 2005, used with permission.