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Sherburn Road Friends and Neighbours is a free community visiting scheme, providing befriending and companionship to elderly or socially isolated members of the community in the Sherburn Road area. Our passion is to see the elderly and isolated in our community feel honoured, respected and a valuable part of the local community. The befriending scheme supports elderly and housebound members of the community, and supports individuals through partnerships with other organisations and signposting to appropriate groups and support. Sherburn Road Friends and Neighbours is affiliated with Linking Lives, a national befriending scheme network (

Research has shown that the likelihood of experiencing social isolation rises with both age and deprived circumstance. Sherburn Road is in the top 6% of deprived estates according to the IMD, and our experience of living on the estate has made us aware of people who are really isolated and lonely. Loneliness is a huge problem both nationally and locally and for more information please visit campaign to end loneliness or Linking Lives. Maintaining friendships and keeping active are two key factors to improve wellbeing and we encourage both of these on our befriending scheme.

About us

The befriending scheme began in 2014 as a response to the need for companionship and company amongst some people who are more elderly, that we have experienced living on the estate. The befriending scheme now visits 15 residents, and this number keeps growing. We are passionate about working in partnership with other organisations, such as the police, local community centres and other local organisations. We signpost to support and help facilitate our Link Friends to access wider services that may available to them. We offer 1-1 befriending, 2-1 befriending, garden befriending and signposting to group activities.

Out of the befriending scheme other initiatives to support those who are elderly and isolated have been developed. Firstly a Lunch Club has been formed, in partnership with the Laurel Avenue Community Association, where members of our community can come and spend time together, forming friendships and taking part in activities. Our garden befriending scheme provides additional gardening support alongside befriending.

Sherburn Road Friends and Neighbours operates within the policies and procedures of the King’s Church, including their privacy, safeguarding and confidentiality policies. For details of these please contact the church office.

Why befriending?

Let one of our Link Friends and Volunteers tell you how they have found being part of Sherburn Road Friends and Neighbours.

One Link Friend shared with us: ‘I love it when she comes. We have a cup of tea and a chat. My volunteer is a really good listener and I love sharing stories with her’ 

Her volunteer shared:  ‘She seems to really look forward to my visits, and we’re getting to know each other really well.’


Every person referred to our service will receive an initial assessment, and we will try to support someone referred to us even if after further conversations with the individual they don’t want befriending or already have enough support. Please see the diagram below for details of our referral process. Our criteria reflects our aim to reach older people who have little or no family or friend support, spending long periods of time alone. However, we are flexible and will welcome individuals as Link Friends if we feel they would benefit from the scheme, even if they don’t meet all the criteria.

To complete a referral please use this secure form:

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Befriending is an amazing way to volunteer in the community. It makes a lasting, positive difference to both the Link Friend you spend time with, but also to yourself! It is a wonderful way to support and encourage someone else by enjoying a cup of tea, listening, sharing stories and participating in activities together. Befriending is a really rewarding experience and can really help reduce social isolation in the community.

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