Ministry Training Programme

The Ministry Training Programme year is a progression from the Internship and intended for those who want to undertake more formal theological study or who are seriously exploring future church ministry or leadership.

Aims of the MTP

  • To enable Trainees to continue the path of preparation and discernment towards church leadership and ministry.
  • To further develop two specialist areas of church-based ministry.
  • To gain sufficient theology to undertake formal degree level study.

Building on the School of Theology, the MTP offers a structured programme of theological reading, weekly small group seminar discussions and assessed assignments. The curriculum covers Old and New Testaments, Historical Theology, Mission Studies and Pastoral Studies. The weekly seminars are tutored by theologically qualified staff from Kings with Master’s Degrees or Doctorates.

Ministry Specialisms

Alongside study, each Trainee undertakes two practical Ministry Specialisms. They work alongside a designated member of the church staff (or other specialist) in order to gain experience and training in two of the following areas:

  • Preaching and Teaching
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Student Ministry
  • International Student Ministry
  • Youth & Children’s Ministry
  • Mission and Evangelism
  • Community Development
  • Media and Arts
  • Events Management
  • Worship Leadership

Paths into Future Ministry

Each Ministry Trainee puts together a portfolio of evidence of theological study and reflection on practical ministry. This is designed to enable them to deepen their thinking on ministry and to pursue formal theological study at degree level. In combination with a good degree in another subject, this can be sufficient to gain entry into a Master’s Degree programme.